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Coagh Primary School, Coagh, Cookstown


Should you wish to have a copy of any of our policies or procedures, our school office will be happy to email or post them to you. Please call: 028 867 37676. Alternatively you may email Mr. Bayne for a copy to read and discuss any issues or questions arising.

Our policies are available to current and potential parents as well as other interested parties.

Mr. I. Bayne


Below is a list of policies available from the school office-


Administration of Medication (June 2018)

Admissions and Waiting List Policy (Sept 2017)

Assessment Policy (August 2017)

Code of Conduct of Staff and Volunteers (Oct 2017)

Collection 'Pick up' Policy (October 2018)

E- Safety Policy (October 2018)

Extended Schools Services Policy (Sept 2017)

Facebook Policy (Oct 2017)

Health & Safety Policy (SELB)

Healthy Eating Policy (Oct 2017)

Homework Policy (2013)

Induction and EPD Policy (November 2017)

Literacy Policy (2014)

ICT Policy (2013)

Marking Policy (June 2018)

Numeracy Policy (October 2013)

Parental and Community Complaints Procedure (Dec 2017)

Pastoral Care Policy (October 2015)

Intimate Care Policy (June 2018)

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy (Dec 2017)

Play Based Learning Policy (2013)

Relationships & Sexuality Policy (Jan 2017)

Positive Behaviour and Discipline Policy (Nov 2016)

Pupil Attendance Policy (Dec 2017)

Road Safety Education Policy (2010)

School Trips (SELB) (2012)

Special Education & Additional Needs Policy (2015)

Teaching and Learning Policy (March 2012)

Whistleblowing Policy (Nov 2017)